Download the 2017 Workshops Brochure Here

The Orange County Farmers Museum Proudly Announces the Addition of a Workshop Series for the 2016 Season

Are you interested in Beekeeping, Backyard Chicken Keeping or Woodworking?  Join in on our lineup of workshops that are geared to teach you from the ground up.

All Workshops are FREE, donations are accepted.

Beekeeping – Workshops (approx. 2 hrs per session)

Join Bob “The Bee Man” Reynolds as he takes you through the Beekeeping basics, setting up your hive, installing bees, learning how to care for them and getting them ready for winter. Please call 845.926.2727 to Register.

June 24, 2017   10AM    “General Bee Management”

Learn the basics of taking care of your bees and their hive. Learn when to feed them and how to keep pests out.

July 29, 2017   10AM       “Diseases and Pests”

Learn about the most common diseases and predators that can affect your bes and their hives.


Woodworking – Workshops  (approx. 2 hrs per session)

Join Damien King and learn the basics of woodworking and the tools used to start and finish your projects. Please call 845.926.2727 to Register.

June 17, 2017  10AM  “Learn Woodworking in a Day”

With an easily mastered system of essential techniques and a few methods of joining wood, you will learn to make anything you want to copy and that you can dream up.

July 15, 2017  10AM  “Make Anything from Wood with 15 Simple Tools”

Before the invention of pricey power tools, wooden furnishings were made by everyday people with a few simple hand tools. Take a step back in time by learning the time-tested methods that allowed the common personas well as the maters of old to make beautiful wooden things that will last for generations. Now you can learn them and make them for yourself.

August 19, 2017    10AM  “Country Woodworking on a Shoestring Budget”

Have you ever seen a beautiful shelf, cabinet or coat rack that would be perfect in your home if only it was the right size? Solve this dilemma by learning to make your own country style home furnishings. You’ll save oodles of money, make exactly what you need and feel the fulfillment and satisfaction that comes from making objects of beauty with your own two hands.